About Coach Terdtoon

Dr. Terdtoon Thaisriwichai

  • Doctor of Business Administration, University of South Australia, Australia
  • Master of Public Administration, Portland State University, USA
  • Bachelor of Law, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
  • Diploma in Applied Psychology, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Dr. Terdtoon is an ICF certified coach who has worked with numerous executives and leaders to reach their goals and achieve professional as well as personal breakthroughs throughout their careers.   With over 20 years of experience embedded deep in the corporate world (Pepsi-Co, Sony, Nike, Nokia, A.P. Moller-Maersk) in the field of HR, organization development, and leadership development, as well as with over a decade of teaching, training, mentoring, and coaching a wide variety of professionals, he is able to reach his clients and help them to maximize their own abilities and achieve their biggest dreams to their highest potential.

He has coached senior executives through a wide variety of challenges, including those involving leadership issues, change management challenges, and periods of leadership transition.    His training in coaching and psychology, coupled with his innate and experienced business acumen give him the insight needed to work with his clients as they seek illumination in how to overcome professional as well as personal impasses which may be keeping them from being and doing the best that they can in their lives.  With the support of Dr. Terdtoon, clients can find focus on the issues that really matter and discover solutions and alternatives through their own thinking so that they can succeed and reach new levels of excellence, while learning how to avoid obstacles that may be getting in their way or impeding their progress to be who they really want to be.

His approach to coaching is also to train his clients how to become coaches themselves, so that they can in turn offer these skills to their own group of professionals to whom they are in charge.  He believes in the philosophy of learning by doing, and that the values and skills he imparts should become traits for which his clients not only gain benefit from but spread and teach to those around him as well.

By offering a coaching style that is inclusive, non-judgmental, and positivist in nature, he creates an environment that is collaborative and conducive to real, lasting growth and change.  His passion for bringing out the best in his clients is what makes working with him a rewarding and exuberant experience.

NeuroLeadership Group, Corporate Director, Thailand

(NLG is one of the world’s largest international coach organizations, with its unique brain-based approach of coaching)   www.neuroleadership.com

MasterCOACH International, Managing Director

(MasterCOACH International offers an array of integrated coaching services professionals and organizations in Thailand and other countries within the southeast Asia region)   www.mastercoachinter.com

NeuroExecutive Coaching, Partner & Executive Director

(Executive coaching services in Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore utilizing the latest in neuroscience to deliver excellence in coaching)   www.neuroexecutive.com

International Coach Federation – Bangkok Chapter, President

(The world’s most reputable international organization offering accreditation to professional coaches in 50 countries around the world)   www.icfthailand.org

Corporate Coaching Thailand, Partner & Executive Director

(Offering strategic business coaching on a wide scale basis, in particular focusing on preparation for the ASEAN Economic Community)  http://www.corporatecoachingthailand.com

E-mail : terdtoon@gmail.com / Mobile : +6684 874 2008 / Facebook : terdtoontommy

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